Connecting you with your employees


If you're looking for ways to connect with your employees, allow me to help you.

I design bespoke prints using positive and uplifting messaging. These prints will allow you to engage, encourage and empower your employees in a simple yet effective way. 
I can look after the design, print and posting for you. 
If you're interested in finding out more, you can contact me HERE.
These prints can be customised to celebrate a milestone, congratulate/thank your team or acknowledge/thank your clients.
Contact me today to build your bespoke prints package.


The Benefits:

Positive Affirmation/Messaging Prints can:

  • Engage, encourage and empower your employees
  • Spread positive energy from one desk to another
  • Re-emphasise the core values of the business
  • Maintain a touch point with your employees
  • Give your employees a keepsake


Affirmations are said to restore a sense of worth to the self (Steele, 1988).